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Saturday, 10 February 2018

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Friday, 20 January 2017

What is a monitoring software?

Software for monitoring the desktop and online activities of a computer.

Can be used,

  • As parental control software
  • As employee monitoring software
  • For the family members, roommates or other users.

Why Use Monitoring Software?

The monitoring software can be used in many places. As said above the monitoring software can be used to control family members or employees at work areas.

Spytech SpyAgent

Spytech SpyAgent is an award winning best remote keylogger & computer monitoring software with unmatched super features. SpyAgent has a very large list of features. It includes Monitoring Features, Content Filtering Features, Security and Stealth Features, Reporting and Log Management Features.


Spytech SpyAgent

System Requirements:

OS: - Windows NT4, 200x, XP, Vista or 7/8Processor: - Pentium 1 class PC (133mhz or higher)
Disk space:- 3MB hard disk space
Connection: - Email and traffic data logging not supported for dial-up users.

Buy now or take 30-minute trial:
All monitoring software trials are limited to 30-minute monitoring sessions. Here is a brief description for you to choose and download.

Free and premium subscription

 SR. NO.
 Spytech SpyAgent
Powerful PC Monitoring and Surveillance 
 Spytech NetVizor
 Powerful Centralised Network Surveillance
 Spytech Realtime-Spy
 Monitor any PC from Anywhere!
 Spytech SentryPC
 Filtering, Monitoring, and Access Control
Spytech SpyAnywhere
 Remote, Web-based PC Monitoring and Administration
 Spytech Keystroke Spy 
 Invisible Keystroke Logging Software 

How to uninstall Spyagent?

Spyagent does not appear in the add remove settings in the control panel. To uninstall Spyagent at any time after installation, follow any of the following described methods,

Note: Before un-installation close all running programs of Spyagent.

  • Go to the installation folder.You may use the Uninstaller located in the program's installation folder. Just find 'uninst000.exe' and double click on it. 
  • Use SpyDoctor for windows: - SpyDoctor is a top award winning spyware protection software. Just download the latest version of this software and scan your full PC, Follow the instruction provided after the scan. 
  • Removing Spyagent manually: - At first, go to your PC task manager by pressing Ctrl+alt+ Del. Find these processes (deploy.exe, nostealth.exe etc.) and end them all. Delete all Registry files related to Spyagent.


  • This monitoring software offers a host of quality monitoring features. 
  • Blocking and reporting features to keep tabs on all computer use in your home. 
  • Both blocking and filtering abilities are awesome.


  • It's not available for Apple computers and lacks the ability to block by category. 
  • It can slow down your PC. 
  • The interface is not easy. New users may feel it little hard to set.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Here is the review of the product that I am personally using.

If you are searching for best wireless keyboard and mouse, then this product is for you. Logitech introduced MK220 model which frees you from those clutter of wires. The black colored wireless keyboard and mouse is really a space saving ninja. The Logitech device will do a great job on your desk with saving a lot of space.

It is compact. It is about 35% smaller than any other standard keyboard available in the market. Without any wires it keeps you connected to your PC or Laptop up to 10 meters away. The response time is too good. There is no or minimal dropout in the connection.

Here is the summary of specification of wireless keyboard and mouse,

Logitech MK220 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
MK220 series
Device Height
12.4 cm
Device Width
5.1 cm
Device Weight
0.64 Kg
Device Dimensions
45.8 x 5.1 x 12.4 cm
2 AA
Item model number
Connectivity Type
2.4 GHz radio frequency
Hardware Platform
Average Battery Life
24 Months
3-year manufacturer's guarantee and full product support

Sunday, 25 December 2016

I am a Facebook user since my school days. I enjoy being a Facebook user and finding interesting friends and pages and Like them. But, with the passing years, my interests changed very much. I like new pages every now and then when I find new pages of my current interests.

unlike facebook pages

But, now it’s time to knock off those pages which are not needed or of my interests anymore. My Facebook timeline is now overloaded with too many information. It’s likely that substantial of which websites which I possess liked last years are generally no longer in connection with my own latest attention, as well as it’s tricky to me as well as an individual to go back as well as identify this kind of websites and unlike it.

So, now, I am sharing the smart way to keep the Facebook timeline clean by managing pages you have liked on Facebook.

So, what is the basic and official method from Facebook?. Most of you know how to unlike any Facebook page, but for any newbie in Facebook, I am explaining this again. As displayed in above image hover over "Liked" button and press unlike button from the options displayed instantly to you. You can also do it by visiting that page or pressing 'Liked' button on the post from that page in your timeline.

How to unlike all Facebook pages at once?

Now, the main reason for creating this article; to introduce the method that is widely accepted and used by Facebook users - As the name suggests, it is mainly used for managing the liked pages on Facebook. This service is totally free and available for everyone. is really a blast and also simple application for handling your Facebook pages and unlike all Facebook pages at once too. -Manage your likes

Now, how to use it? The big question. Yes, I will help you with this. Just go to their website and click on 'Analyze' your own Profile. Now a pop-up will appear, it will ask you to log in. Log in using Facebook username and password. And within just moments it is going to checklist straight down the particular depth connected with Facebook pages you might have liked. It also gives recommendations, most liked Pages and so on.

'Your statistics' helps you to find prime pages you might have preferred on the basis of the total number of people discussing. It also shows a pie chart to display the category wise page count. It displays some recommended 'Pages to like' and also to Unlike in the 'Personalized recommendation' tab. It uses the popularity of that page.

If you want more tricks than this the visit Quora. Many tips are posted there by experts. 

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

VLC media player is best free, open source, cross-platform program for local media playback. It finally arrives on Chrome OS. That means it can now run on your Chromebooks as well as Chromeboxes.

Downloading and installing VLC player on your device allows you to play most of the media types on your device itself. VLC supports most of the file types including audio video files with MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, Ogg, FLAC, TS, M2TS, Wv, and AAC.

VLC is for everyone. It is available for free for chrome OS.

To download it you have to visit their official website or Chrome web store.

After download let the installation procedure run and finish. Select all the recommended options during the installation. After installation click "Finish" to complete the procedure.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

What is convertible laptop

A laptop that can be folded to use it as a tablet is called a convertible laptop. It will look like a normal laptop. The display is allowed to be rotated or pivoted to use it as a tablet.

Spectre x360 is the sexiest ultrabook ever seen. It is the good time to buy a new PC. If you go through its specs and features, I am sure, you will surely buy it. It is really special ultrabook with premium features in it.

Specifications and Features

We can list out the specs of this laptop as follows,
  • Display: 13.3 inch
  • Resolutions : 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • CPU: 2.2GHz, Intel Core i5-5200U
  • Memory : 8GB DDR3 SDRAM 1600MHz
  • Volume: 256GB SSD(Solid State Drive)
  • OS: Windows 8.1, 64 Bits

The Aluminum uni-body design is something different from normal one. It looks nice and stylish. The outer edges are highly polished. It weighs 3.3pounds (Approximately 1.5 Kg), heavier than Yoga 3 which weighs 2.9pounds. The hinge design is perfect throughout. Each hinge contains geared cam link in it. The hinge rotation is perfectly smooth and simple.

The full HD screen uses optical bonding to give good picture quality with better clarity. The video clarity found better with a battery life 12Hrs. It has 56-watt hour battery. 

Price and Availability

Currently, it is available on HP's official website and on best buy starting from $899.99.


Keyboard of convertible laptop

CNC milled Aluminum body of Spectre.

The hinge is 360 degree movable. It looks great. Gives smooth motion.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Logitech revealed its new wireless keyboard and mouse combo MK235 and M171 respectively in India. The combo comes with 'spill-resistant' feature.

The MK235 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo can be purchased in India from 2nd May 2016, at a Rs.1,995. You can visit, or connect with us on Facebook for more information.

Logitech released Spill-resistant Wireless Keyboard-Mouse Combo in India.

For desktop users, this combo is a good, simple and reliable solution. You will get a familiar layout plus wireless connectivity with this device. There will be 15 function keys, a number pad, and full-sized arrow keys.

You will be free from the problem of fading away of letters from button surface. The keyboard comes with spill-proof design and durable body. The anti-fading treatment increases the life of letters printed on keys.

The M171 mouse comes with wireless connectivity. It promises long lasting battery life. You can swap the functions of the right and left mouse buttons.

The Combo of MK235 keyboard and M171 mouse provide reliable and long lasting solution to users with increases their productivity.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Yes, you heard it right. Increase traffic on your website or blog absolutely free. This means you can increase your pageviews at a zero investment. But, this does not mean that after reading this post you will succeed in one shot. Remember that, in blogging field, patience is important. It's all about your hard work and your patience.

Increase traffic on a website tips and tricks.

If you perfectly understand what exactly works and work hard to achieve that then you will surely get success. This is proven and require nothing but your hard work. By following these techniques, many bloggers are enjoying passive income on great traffic stats.

Social media

Create a beautiful and professional page on social media sites such as Facebook and Google+. After writing an article post on these pages. You can find lots of groups or communities on these sites that are related to your website niche. Just join them and share your page/website address or article link to them. keep sharing it after each specific interval of time.

Don't worry, your website will not be blacklisted by search engines by doing this. In addition to this, you are not spending a dime for doing this for gaining traffic. Share it again and again.


Other great sources of traffic are forums. Forums are places for starting and joining great discussions. They also help bloggers to find and research on new interesting topics. You can do some related discussion over there and share your website.

If your website is dealing with what the discussion is about then, the traffic you earn will be with minimum bounce rate and great conversion. Digital point and v7n are some of the examples of forum websites.

Community sites

Involve yourself in community sites like Quora and Reddit. Comment and answer the topics and problems posted by other users. Get high authority in your niche. Follow people and let them follow you. Let there be a mutual benefit between you and your followers. Motivate them to visit your website.

Wrap up

Social media, forums, and community sites are a great source of premium quality traffic for your website. Apply these tips to your website and get success.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

What is UC Browser?

UC Browser is a mobile browser commonly known by the name 'UCWeb'. It is super fast and reliable browser. It is available for most of the mobile platforms like Android, Windows Phone, Java, Symbian, and iOS. This popular mobile browser is owned by Alibaba, a China-based company. It surpassed Opera, another browser for mobile platforms, with its 500 million quarterly active users mark. It supports major 11 languages.

The UC 10.1 is now released for Android based Smartphones. let us see what major changes we will see in this release, what are the new features and how to use them.

Changes and New Features

UC for Android gives you fast All-In-One web experience.It is the best browser for most of the Internet activities like browsing websites, watching videos, playing on-line games, shopping and for social media sharing. All these at the fastest speeds. The browser plays a major role when you want to get free from boring inbuilt mobile browsers. UC gives you most of the features that inbuilt browser can't. 

It has well-organized download manager which allows you to download more files simultaneously. You can continue browsing even when the download is in progress. You can pause downloads and resume it as when you wish. It is also giving you free cloud storage by which you can download directly to your cloud space and later on your memory card. It requires you to login which is a super simple thing.

You can download web pages for offline reading. This works great when you have limited Wi-Fi or Internet availability. You can see all the parts of that web page offline like images, ads and flash contents if any.

Facebook notifications

UC introduced this time a great feature called Facebook notifications. It is real time push notification and it works great. It is not available in incognito mode. Also, it is not possible to change the profile icon at the current version of the UC. You can receive push notifications even when you exit from UC web.

How to activate this feature and receive notifications? Go to Menu > Add-on > Facebook. There click on profile and enter your username and password to log in. In the phone, action center turns on the latest Facebook notifications. By going to settings page you can turn on all kinds of FB push notifications.

To log off, just click on the profile or go to FB web page. If you want to stop notifications, just turn off the things you turned on in the notification settings page.

The official FB messenger app is a heavy application. It uses lots of RAM and slows down other apps or whole mobile. The UC app is light on phone memory and smoothly work even at the background. The best option for low-end mobiles.


The normal features which UC has can be pointed out as below,
  • Incognito browsing- By this you can browse the web in private mode. No history and no cache kept.
  • Custom Themes
  • Night mode
  • FB faster add-on - using this you can browse Facebook faster. 

Bug Fixes

It has major bug fixes this time. The layout has been redesigned and splash screens are now even smoother than previous.

Share your experience here or on UCweb forum. You can download APK file from Google Play Store. At UCWeb forum you can participate in an ongoing review contest to win 10 karma and Android expert model.

How To Download Videos Using Uc Browser on Android Smartphones

Here is the super tip for UC users. You can now download full online videos in your memory card and for this, you do not need any third-party software or website. 
YouTube is the most popular website for videos. But there is no official option for downloading. There are many online websites that help in this case. They can convert video and give us a download option. But it is only suitable for desktops, not for smartphones. We require a simple and direct tool that does this task quickly. Here are the steps to get started.

Download button popup on right side. Click on it to download using UC browser.

How To Download YouTube Videos Using Uc Browser

  • You have to download and install Video Downloader Add-on in your latest UC browser. 
  • This is a one-time task. So, be relaxed and install it.
  • Now go to YouTube. You can go to any video sites, but here I am focusing on YouTube only.
  • Click on the video to be downloaded and click on the play button.
  • After the page loads fully a message will pop up.
  • Click on the button to download that video at your desired location.
That's it! The only the downside of this method is the quality of video downloaded depends upon smartphone configurations. There is no option for selecting the quality of video to be downloaded.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Apple on Thursday launched second public betas of iOS 9.3.2  and OS X 10.11.5. Updates are out to registered beta testers. The release note contains all the necessary list of bug fixes made in this release.

Low power mode and night shift mode can be enabled simultaneously in this release. This will help users to read easily reducing unnecessary stress on their eyes and in increasing battery life. Before this release, if one of this option enabled the other automatically gets disabled. a lot of users demanded this feature.

Beta testers can register their name in the Apple Beta Software Program. The Apple ID can be used to participate. Participants will get all necessary information over there. Here are some frequently asked questions about the program.

Apple introduced small bug fixes in beta release.

The beta software program is a free program which lets users download and test beta releases. Anyone with a valid Apple ID can participate. After trying beta tester can give feedback through Feedback Assistant.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Google's Chromecast was already on back order from the Google Play store, and out of stock on Amazon when it was first released. The tiny plastic electronic devicethat plugs into your television's HDMI port to beam media like Netflix from a phone, tablet, or laptopin real time generated huge enthusiasm, with some line the device, at simply $35, a game changer within the aborning field of net TV. Since then a clearer image has emerged of how precisely Chromecast works.

It's not cordless

There's a small discussion over whether or not the Chromecast qualifies as a "dongle," since it wants an external power supply. Tho' still very portable and versatile, the device needs a wire that has to either be plugged into a wall outlet or into your television's USB dock. Here's what it's like all together.
Google did mention that the device would need and external power supply, however, did not specifically emphasize the purpose. Unless the customer has a sure, newer variety of TV — and honestly, who is aware of what HDMI description their TV has? — They will find you with a wire hanging out from the tip of the electronic device.

Five things about Google Chromecast

You require an excellent Wi-Fi signal for it figure

If the wireless local area network signal in your home is not quick, the Chromecast is not for you. Since the device depends on streaming media from either a browser or apps engineered to use the Google cast API (more in a very during a bit), you are going to wish solid net.

However, it's unbelievably simple to line up

If you have got a solid connection (or thing like 4G hotspot), streaming media to your TV could be a breeze.

The android apps

So far, the chrome cast apps count includes Netflix, YouTube, and films or TV shows from the Google Play store. you'll be able to Chromecast from the net using the Chrome browser, though, reveal parades services like Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, HBO Go, Rdio, Spotify, and more. However video quality from a browser is not the greatest. However, QuickTime and Microsoft's Silver light are not compatible, that means web-based Netflix is off the table.

There is no storage

Google's Chromecast is not engineered to be a media storage. If you want to store some shows, you cannot, because there is no storage.
Priced at Rs. 3,999, Micromax unveiled its new Canvas Spark 2 smartphone in India. It will be made available exclusively on Snapdeal.

Micromax Canvas Spark 2 Plus

Micromax already promised about the launch of this smartphone at the event arranged to launch Canvas 6 and Canvas 6 Pro.

The Micromax Canvas Spark 2 Plus is designed for those who will use smartphone first time in their life. The best thing about this phone is that it comes with latest Android 6.0 Marshmellow. Micromax is first time giving its users the flavor of Marshmellow through their devices.

The colors to choose are Metallic Grey, Copper Gold, and Champagne Gold. The design is best at this price range.

Coming to the specifications, the smartphone has a 5-inch FWVGA display. It is about 480 x 854 pixels touchscreen. It is fueled by a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor. It comes with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of inbuilt storage. it has 5 MP camera at the rear side and 2 MP selfie camera at the front. It is powered by a 2000 mAh battery.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

CCleaner is the best award winning PC cleaning utility software. The Developer Periform is known for Softwares like Defraggler and Recuva. It is just fantastic. An essential, safe, light and powerful tool that really enhances Windows. By using it you get cleaner, safer and faster PC. You will get more professional and premium options free with this software.


The installation of CCleaner requires 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 as the OS.


How to download CCleaner

The first method is to download and install. To download Click here. A download starts automatically, if not click on 'Start Download' button. After download, install it by double-clicking it. Click Run when asked 'do you want to run or save this file?’ If above link is not working download CCleaner from Filehippo. Filehippo always provides the latest version. You can see download button at the top right corner of the webpage.

The second method is to download and start using it directly without any installation. Download Portable CCleaner. If this link is not working, try

For Android users, it is available on Google Play. With just a few clicks with a simple and intuitive UI, your Android becomes really faster.

  • Improved Google Chrome 36 cleaning and start-up management.
  • Improved Firefox browsing cache cleaning.
  • Added Repair option to uninstall tool.
  • Improved 64-bit build architecture on Windows 7 and 8.
  • Improved Startup Item tool compatibility.
  • Added Teamviewer, Microsoft One Drive, Real VNC 5, Tag & Rename and Tango cleaning.
  • Minor GUI Improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.


There is three variants viz. free, professional and professional plus. Professional variant cost you $24.9 and Professional plus will cost you $39.95 as of today. They accept Visa, PaPal and Master cards.

Pros and cons

It is free to use but if used over the limits it can cause trouble with your PC. Its interface is very simple and easy to use.