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Saturday, 9 July 2016

How to increase traffic on a website without spending money?

Yes, you heard it right. Increase traffic on your website or blog absolutely free. This means you can increase your pageviews at a zero investment. But, this does not mean that after reading this post you will succeed in one shot. Remember that, in blogging field, patience is important. It's all about your hard work and your patience.

Increase traffic on a website tips and tricks.

If you perfectly understand what exactly works and work hard to achieve that then you will surely get success. This is proven and require nothing but your hard work. By following these techniques, many bloggers are enjoying passive income on great traffic stats.

Social media

Create a beautiful and professional page on social media sites such as Facebook and Google+. After writing an article post on these pages. You can find lots of groups or communities on these sites that are related to your website niche. Just join them and share your page/website address or article link to them. keep sharing it after each specific interval of time.

Don't worry, your website will not be blacklisted by search engines by doing this. In addition to this, you are not spending a dime for doing this for gaining traffic. Share it again and again.


Other great sources of traffic are forums. Forums are places for starting and joining great discussions. They also help bloggers to find and research on new interesting topics. You can do some related discussion over there and share your website.

If your website is dealing with what the discussion is about then, the traffic you earn will be with minimum bounce rate and great conversion. Digital point and v7n are some of the examples of forum websites.

Community sites

Involve yourself in community sites like Quora and Reddit. Comment and answer the topics and problems posted by other users. Get high authority in your niche. Follow people and let them follow you. Let there be a mutual benefit between you and your followers. Motivate them to visit your website.

Wrap up

Social media, forums, and community sites are a great source of premium quality traffic for your website. Apply these tips to your website and get success.

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