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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

New Spill-resistant Wireless Keyboard-Mouse Combo by Logitech

Logitech revealed its new wireless keyboard and mouse combo MK235 and M171 respectively in India. The combo comes with 'spill-resistant' feature.

The MK235 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo can be purchased in India from 2nd May 2016, at a Rs.1,995. You can visit, or connect with us on Facebook for more information.

Logitech released Spill-resistant Wireless Keyboard-Mouse Combo in India.

For desktop users, this combo is a good, simple and reliable solution. You will get a familiar layout plus wireless connectivity with this device. There will be 15 function keys, a number pad, and full-sized arrow keys.

You will be free from the problem of fading away of letters from button surface. The keyboard comes with spill-proof design and durable body. The anti-fading treatment increases the life of letters printed on keys.

The M171 mouse comes with wireless connectivity. It promises long lasting battery life. You can swap the functions of the right and left mouse buttons.

The Combo of MK235 keyboard and M171 mouse provide reliable and long lasting solution to users with increases their productivity.

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