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Friday, 1 April 2016

Password manager for cloud computing - SplashID Safe 7.0

The SplashID password manager is back with an updated version of SplashID Safe 7.0 for Windows with new options. The recreate is as straightforward to figure as the other password manager. The SplashID Safe 7.0 helps you to recollect your toughest passwords, usernames and vital personal information so you'll be able to access quicker results for your skilled work.

You'll be able to generate new passwords, develop a lot of advanced ones, modify passwords from time to time, use the power of pattern primarily based passwords for safer use and store your formal knowledge and far a lot of. You'll be able to get all this at a really smallest worth convenient and designed for professionals such as you. The recreate permits you to simply set your knowledge between your windows phone and laptop, so your knowledge remains safe all the time beneath your eyes.

SplashID for andoid

Optimistic options and clear problem free operation and management of private information quite simply makes it one in the entire reliable best password manager app. If you're able to combat with SplashID Safe 7.0, you will scan a number of its options and reviews below for far better understanding of its operation.

What's new

Firstly, it is important to the users who are upgrading that they backup their information, before upgrading if required. Rectified a problem wherever adds button wasn't accessible on tablet devices in landscape mode.

For Android users

The app is available for Apple iOS (iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch). For Android users, you can get it from Google store.


  • Manages passwords safe and private information. 
  • Local-only, Wi-Fi-sync, and cloud-sync choices. 
  • Non-obligatory swipe-style login. 
  • Will add a reminder to entries. 
  • Will attach file to entries. Can auto-fill net logins. 
  • Stores several forms of information.
  • SplashID provides varied mobile tools, as well as apps for the iPad, iPhone and android mobile phones that Will synchronise with the desktop versions.


  • No automatic password capture. 
  • Restricted import ability. 
  • Supports net soul Internet. 
  • Far-out secret generator will produce unusable non-ASCII passwords. 
  • All item sorts use fourteen information fields whether or not required or not.
Although this password manager could be capable information that may save volumes of data in an organised manner, it lacks automation tools, and its internet login tools are restricted.