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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac

Have you ever wished an easy, complete, bootable backup of your disc drive? Have you ever wished to upgrade to a bigger HD drive with lowest trouble and without reinstalling your OS and all of your applications? Then Carbon Copy Cloner(CCC) is the tool for you!

CCC makes these tasks easy by harnessing the OS power engineered into Mackintosh OS X. additionally to the options that CCC has provided in the past, version two offers synchronization of the source and target further as scheduled backup tasks. Currently you'll be able to setup a daily backup regimen that happens in the background, although you're not logged in!

Version two additionally offers enhancements for lab administrators, as well as the choice to run pre and post flight shell scripts, the power to switch the list of things to be removed at the end of a clone, and therefore the ability to form a disk image on the fly.

Backup software

Even if you are backing up your Macintosh using time machine or another technique, you will eventually get to clone your HD as well. Cloning produces a precise duplicate of your HD, bootable from your Macintosh.


  • A Better Bootable Backup.
  • Smarter & faster. 
  • Convenient.
  • Simple interface.
To try these features CCC is giving a 30-days free trial period before you actually purchase it. 


You can get support by visiting their official website there you will find online documentation consisting everything from installation requirement to troubleshoot tips after installing. Also you are provided with a FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) about Carbon Copy Cloner.

If you have purchased a license and forgot the code, then you can retrieve it from their website, under 'Contact' tab.