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Sunday, 25 December 2016

How to unlike all liked pages on Facebook?

I am a Facebook user since my school days. I enjoy being a Facebook user and finding interesting friends and pages and Like them. But, with the passing years, my interests changed very much. I like new pages every now and then when I find new pages of my current interests.

unlike facebook pages

But, now it’s time to knock off those pages which are not needed or of my interests anymore. My Facebook timeline is now overloaded with too many information. It’s likely that substantial of which websites which I possess liked last years are generally no longer in connection with my own latest attention, as well as it’s tricky to me as well as an individual to go back as well as identify this kind of websites and unlike it.

So, now, I am sharing the smart way to keep the Facebook timeline clean by managing pages you have liked on Facebook.

So, what is the basic and official method from Facebook?. Most of you know how to unlike any Facebook page, but for any newbie in Facebook, I am explaining this again. As displayed in above image hover over "Liked" button and press unlike button from the options displayed instantly to you. You can also do it by visiting that page or pressing 'Liked' button on the post from that page in your timeline.

How to unlike all Facebook pages at once?

Now, the main reason for creating this article; to introduce the method that is widely accepted and used by Facebook users - As the name suggests, it is mainly used for managing the liked pages on Facebook. This service is totally free and available for everyone. is really a blast and also simple application for handling your Facebook pages and unlike all Facebook pages at once too. -Manage your likes

Now, how to use it? The big question. Yes, I will help you with this. Just go to their website and click on 'Analyze' your own Profile. Now a pop-up will appear, it will ask you to log in. Log in using Facebook username and password. And within just moments it is going to checklist straight down the particular depth connected with Facebook pages you might have liked. It also gives recommendations, most liked Pages and so on.

'Your statistics' helps you to find prime pages you might have preferred on the basis of the total number of people discussing. It also shows a pie chart to display the category wise page count. It displays some recommended 'Pages to like' and also to Unlike in the 'Personalized recommendation' tab. It uses the popularity of that page.

If you want more tricks than this the visit Quora. Many tips are posted there by experts. 

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