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Sunday, 8 February 2015

BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition with scopes

I am tired with my iPhone now. I want something new in my hand. Now, I have new option. The all new BQ Aquaris E4.5 is ready with to go on sale with Ubuntu OS in it.

The Ubuntu, known as an alternative operating system for Windows and Mac PC's, is now beautifully packed in this device. Ubuntu is a open source Linux based OS based on Debian's architecture and infrastructure. 


Open source means endless. The source code is open for everyone. You can customise it in your own way. The opportunity for change never ends. That is the main advantage for ubuntu. It is future complete. A phone you can see yourself in. It i perfectly tailored for your use and you can further tailor it by your own wish. It is naturally neat giving you optimum look and feel of Ubuntu. It comes with new concept called 'Scopes'. It is different. The app grid is old now. You will get your apps at your fingertips. You can rate them by assigning stars.

The platform is easy to understand. At first start you will be presented with interactive tutorials to understand basics. It is just like in temple run game where at first play you are teached how to fly, swing and change you directions. The edges of the screen consist natural swiping gestures to allow you to quickly access settings or switch between apps.


Gallery is easy to understand and organise images. You can easily find and share your images. You can also upload and access pictures from other devices.

aquaris e4.5 is a first and best smartphone on the market with linux base ubuntu operating system
BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition


Scope is app-like environment created for rich and fast experience for users. It will be integral to the device giving extra opportunities for developers. Scopes are a complete reinvention of the content and services experience.

It is not easy task to download and install each app in your mobile to experience them and you are not advised here to do that. The scopes gives you app-like environment allowing you to access data and apps in one platform without any downloads. There are two types made according to the functions of scopes viz. Aggregation Scopes and Branded Scopes.

Developments and developers

Developers get the full support they need from Ubuntu. You will get a running start to create your apps. You can create new applications from scratch level or convert existing web and desktop apps with the set of API's and tools provided by Ubuntu.

There are already a big number of apps that exclusively created for and tested on Ubuntu. Developers can further customise them because the code is kept open. With Ubuntu SDK you can create apps. It is powerful tool and available to download at official website.