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Thursday, 15 January 2015

How you can Encrypt your Gmail Messages using Google Docs

Do you know how to encrypt Gmail Emails? Do you aware of it? If not, you are at right place. There are lots of ways by which you can encrypt your Email in Gmail. Here I will introduce you a way using Google Docs. It is simple, no downloads or uploads required and it works every time.

The method is given on Digital Inspiration. This article is inspired by it. I have researched on it further and sharing you how to start and proceed in a simple and safe way. But, the question arises....

Why should I encrypt?

The answer is simple. You want to be sure that your emails cannot be read by other members except you and your recipient. Because there are lots of illegal phishing activities are going on the internet currently that you and me will not be aware of. Simply using Google Docs you can make your mail more secure. This method requires no add-ons or bulky software. There will be a strong password that will act as a key to encrypt and decrypt your emails.

Screen showing Copy of Encrypt Gmail. Press initialise to start.

How to encrypt Gmail Emails

Here are the steps.

  1. Go to Gmail and login with your username and password. Click Sign in button to login. 
  2. Click 'Compose' button on the top left side of the Gmail screen to open new message box.
  3. Fill all the details like in 'To' field put the recipient's address, in 'Subject' write down subject line. Then in the body write your full message.
  4. Now go to Drafts. You will find it under 'Sent mails' at the left side of the screen. There you will find the message you are creating this time. Let it be there.
  5. Now, go to Google Docs and click make a copy to allow it to copy it to Google Drive. You will see on the top line the menu like 'File', 'Edit', 'View' etc. After 'Help' you will see 'Gmail'. Click it and select 'Initialize' and allow it using 'Accept' button.
  6. Now pick your draft message, enter password and send it.