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Saturday, 7 March 2015

iPhone 6s to house Pre-installed SIM

Apple's next phone may have some surprises for you. The iPhone's enthusiasts are guessing the name of next gen series of it before the launch. It is guessed that the next phone may be nomenclatures as 6s series. But it may be launched as 'iPhone 7'.

New Iphone rumours

Apple's new version of its famous smart phone rumoured to have pre-installed SIM in it. This will help the users to select the available carriers which are participated from Settings without having to sign-up contract with each of them. It is believed that it will come with 2GB of RAM. For any android user 2GB RAM is nothing. But, for iPhone users it may give much more improvements in speed and other aspects. The extra RAM will help the device to complete multiple task at a time. This means faster apps and browsers. Compared to its predecessor it may consists of better processor to serve you faster. There are expectations that the other specs also get some upgradation with this release.

Talking about camera it may continue to use 8 MP camera with DSLR-quality results as used in iPhone 6 and plus. The new variant is expected to run on iOS 9. The next version of iPhone will accompany with a plus version of it and a cheaper version '6c'.

Also the delay in the launch of iPad gives us the clue that it may house USB 3.0 port. It may feature 12.9 inch display with Next-Gen A9 processor. Apple decided to delay the production of iPad till September of this year.

At the end, I would like to tell you that the above is all based on news . The picture will be cleared when Apple will launch the devices. Let's wait for the new iPhone release.