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Monday, 21 April 2014

HTC One M8 launches in India for Rs 50K

HTC has finally launched its latest One M8 flagship within the Indian market at a value of Rs 50,000. It’ll be offered from May 7 forward.

The One M8 sports a rather larger 5-inch show with a Full HD resolution, bringing the picture element count to 440ppi. The smartphone comes supercharged by the snapdragon 801 SoC, a bit like the S5 and also the Z2. The phone can also have dual-front speakers, however gets a two camera setup that HTC calls ‘Duo Camera’, one thing known as ‘Motion Launch’, Extreme power saving mode and therefore the fresh Sense 6. The 16GB onboard storage is often expanded up to 128GB via microSD card slot.

the front look of HTC One M8.

The new HTC One M8 gets eliminate any polycarbonate or plastic for the edges because the chassis is sort of utterly metal. The phone additionally debuts their latest version of Sense that options associate degree increased BlinkFeed expertise. They’ve been opened to developers thus Foursquare and Fitbit updates are often pushed through BlinkFeed currently.

Battery life was one in all the pain points of the M7 or the recent HTC One. The M8 is claimed to possess forty p.c higher battery life. What’s more, aside from the quality power saver mode, ‘Extreme power saver’ mode can finish off all communications except calls, SMS and e-mails.

Like LG and Samsung, HTC has value-added a bunch of gestures to the One M8. You’ll currently be able to double tap the mobile to wake it, bring a ringing mobile to your ear to answer it, etc. This isn’t specifically ground breaking stuff however it’s nice that HTC has enclosed of these options.

Coming into the camera, HTC is projected to their Ultrapixel shooter. Nearly all reviews were important of HTC’s alternative of holding the 4-megapixel or an HTC Ultrapixel camera that was panned last year for dangerous color depth and terrible performance inside. Not like the previous version but, the M8 can feature an entire bunch of manual settings for you to tinker around with.

The look of HTC One M8 from its back.

The second camera round the back is wont to capture depth data. Instead of doing this at the package level like Nokia, that primarily takes a bunch of stills at totally different focus points for you to control later, the M8 can do that at the hardware level. Zoe mode additionally makes a comeback. 

Launching a flagship below Rs 50,000 may be a superb strategy from HTC. This smartphone is much superior, except the camera, to crap that Samsung dishes out time after time. Sadly, Samsung can still sell millions compared with the HTC and that’s right down to its name, wonderful sales & service and aggressive promotion. HTC possesses the evaluation right. Currently they additionally need some superb selling ways and want to make stronger their sales and repair network to get this phone off the shelves. If given a selection, I’d in person select this phone over the most recent Samsung or the other flagship. Its blink feed is good; the phone is all metal and is that the best wanting smartphone out there within the market.