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Monday, 21 March 2016

5 Best Security Apps to Keep Your iPhone and iPad Secure

Here is the 5 best in market security apps for your iPhone and iPad to keep them safe. Advancing technology, making your iOS devices vulnerable to attacks by hackers. You should keep on an eye on your data and who is snooping on it. Security app for iOS devices functions in the background, without disturbing you, to keep your files safe and secure.

There are endless data which cannot be manually protected by you alone. From emails to important contacts or from images to videos, we store a lot. Not only this, but the information associated with the apps that we install and use is vulnerable to attack. Security is becoming an increasingly important issue now.

The below 5 apps are selected on the basis of the features and price. The apps will keep your files and information safe from prying eyes, giving you a peace of mind.


With 1Password all your important passwords kept under master password securely. It is coded to remember and keep safe your passwords. You can enable auto-lock feature to keep your data safe if your device is lost. It can sync with all of your devices.

Lookout mobile security

Lookout antivirus is all-in-one security app for your iPhone and iPad. It works quite similar to apples Find My iPhone. It can be used to locate your phone and backup your device. You can locate your lost iPad on their official website using GPS. You can ring or lock your phone remotely. Lookout mobile security has many additional great features that you can't find in 'Find My iPhone'.

Find My iPhone

The name itself tells what it does. Find My iPhone is the app by Apple which can be used to locate your iOS device. The iCloud service which you can use by an app itself or using any internet browser, gives you the current location of your iPhone. You can then lock your device.

It is absolutely free and easy to setup. To store and sync data it uses iCloud. It is available for most of the iOS devices.

Hotspot Shield VPN

Most of us are familiar with this app. It used to browse using proxies to hide our identity. It is widely used to unblock websites that are blocked either by an ISP or country. It is the number one security app in the market.


mSecure is a password manager just like 1password. It stores passwords and lock them under one master key. Other features include auto-fill, backup and sync across different devices. msecure password manager beautifully protects and manages all of your data.