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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Some hidden features in iOS 9

There are very useful features that are hidden in iOS 9. There are many features that helps in improving performance of the latest OS considerably.

Here is a list of features that you may not have come across in iOS9 on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

ios 9 is the latest apple OS. here are some of hidden features in it.

Let's take the setting app first. Because of it's confusing nature or the number of options we never able to use it fully. But now you don't have to worry. Here comes the search bar where you can quickly type in what you are searching for and find it right away. This hidden secret feature is really useful one.

Most of the Apple user's look more tensed about their draining battery levels. But this time they can control it somehow by controlling app screen time. They have to just click Battery in Setting menu. As soon as they click a detailed data will be shown to them telling them about the applications that are running in background.

Switching between the apps is now lot more easier in iOS9. For example if you had opened a YouTube link in safari and want to go back after watching it, then just click back button instead of going to app switcher. This hidden feature in iOS 9 is really help in multitasking.

Want to switch from your Android smartphone to iOS? There is a app ready for you to do the task in play store. It probably become most used app in Google play.

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